11 02 2013

“More to be desired are they than gold, even much fine gold; sweeter also than honey and the drippings of the honeycomb.” – Psalm 19:10

I am a bread baker. I love making homemade bread. We love the way baking bread makes our house smell, the opportunity to share something yummy with friends, and especially the way that warm homemade bread tastes. There is nothing better than a slice of fresh-from-the-oven homemade bread spread with a little butter and drizzled with honey.

It is especially fun to watch kids eat bread and honey. Their eyes get big as you spread the butter on their slice of bread. The kids at my table like to put on their own honey. They take the little honey bear container, turn it upside down, and drench their bread in golden goodness. Then comes the first bite and the grin.

One of the unique things about honey is that not only is it sweet, it is sticky. Little mouths enjoy the sweet taste of honey while little hands get covered in its stickiness. Washing up after a meal with bread and honey requires some cleaning ingenuity and resourcefulness.

Maybe that is why the description of God’s Word as honey intrigues me. Our Bibles contain the sweet words of God. Yet those words are not only meant to be sweet, but sticky. His words are meant to stick to our hearts, attach to our lives, and adhere to our souls.

My Jesus Resolution today is to get “sticky.” I want to enjoy my time in the Word of God, but I also want it to stick to me. I want to walk through my day with the residue of His goodness adhering to my soul. Its stickiness will draw me closer to His heart and help me attach my life more deeply in Christ. The neat thing about stickiness is that it can be shared. The stickiness on my hands makes everything I touch sticky. So does the stickiness of Jesus on my life.



3 responses

11 02 2013
Denell Dennis

Thanks for this great reminder! I am starting my day in a STICKY way and will find opportunities to give the “sticky” away!

12 02 2013
Leo J. Woodman

I really like this post. I like the visual of the sweetness of God’s word. His word is sweet and meant to stick with us. I have learned over the years the more time I spend in His word the more likely it is to stick with me. Thank you for the reminder.

14 02 2013
Joy Wheeler

Have a sticky day 💝

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