23 01 2013

“Blessed are the merciful, for they shall receive mercy.” – Matthew 5:7

Mercy is a boomerang. A boomerang is a tool that was originally developed by the Aboriginal tribes of Australia. Over time, certain tribes developed boomerangs that could not only be thrown, but would return to the thrower. What went out from your hand would eventually come back to you.

Jesus tells us that this is the powerful effect of mercy. The mercy we receive from God isn’t supposed to stay bottled up inside of us. It is supposed to flow through us, impacting the lives of others. The boomerang effect of God’s mercy means that it comes back to Him in the form of praise and thanksgiving.

The boomerang effect of mercy also has ripples for our own hearts. By nature, we are people with a get-even nature. We treat others the way that we have been treated. If someone is kind, we generally respond with kindness. If someone is rude, we snap and snarl in return.

On the mount, Jesus tells us to take our cue from the heart of God Himself. When we sin, He loves. When we rebel, He offers peace. When we are apathetic, He pursues. When we are ashamed, He covers us with grace. Christ’s mercy transforms our relationship with God.  Having received this amazing mercy, He then calls us to allow it to touch our relationships with others. The results are often startling.

My Jesus Resolution today is to leave mercy behind wherever I go today. I want to leave a piece of Jesus with each person I meet. It may come in the form of a smile, a blessing, eye contact and a pleasant word, or a Bible verse. It may involve a simple kindness, an act of service, or going the extra mile. Whatever it is, I want others to experience His mercy, even if it is just for a moment. Mercy is a boomerang. When I thow it, it opens up my life to His transforming blessings, making me even more wide-eyed at the mercy He pours out on me.



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