18 01 2013

“Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.” – Matthew 5:5

I watched the two-year old across the room. Blond curls, little shoes, sweet smile, and a stubborn streak. She was determined to “do it myself.” You know the look. The one that challenges those around her to just try and help. Her eyes blazed with a desire to be independent, figure it out, and make the effort without assistance. With a little one, you just have to smile. It is part of growing up.

Looking in the mirror, I often see that same stubborn streak. We pride ourselves on our ability to lead independent, self-sufficient lives. I still have an overwhelming desire to prove that I can do it by myself, that I don’t need anyone’s help, and that I can manage just fine, thank you very much. I hold people at arm’s length, not wanting them to see the cracks in my carefully-managed façade of independence. In the process, I hold God at arm’s length as well.

Jesus offers a blessing to those who are grown-up enough to realize that dependence on God is the best mark of maturity. Meekness means that I give up my grabbing, pushing, clawing, climbing ways and trust God to take care of me. I stop trying to push my way to the top, and allow Him to draw me closer to His side. I move from being independent to be in-dependence.

My Jesus Resolution today is to embrace meekness. A meek spirit prizes gentleness and humility. It means looking to God before taking each step, trusting that in following Him, He will bring to my day exactly what I need to not only survive, but thrive. Inheriting the earth is a promise that invites me to live within the fullness of God’s faithful promises. When I choose meekness over independence, all of the needs I worry about meeting for myself are met by His overwhelming grace.



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