11 01 2013

There is one word that echoes through the Beatitudes like a heartbeat. Over and over, it announces the purpose, movement, and intention of God. Blessed.

Blessed is one of those puzzling words. We warm to its rhythm. We crave its expanse. We long to be a blessed people. We count our blessings. We ache to be drenched in the delight of His blessings. Yet, interestingly enough, we struggle to define what it means to be blessed by God. Understanding this word is key to delving into the essence of the kingdom life Jesus offers us.

To be blessed means that we are connected to the heart of God. Our lives are tethered to His. Our souls are anchored in His faithfulness. More than an emotional response, being blessed is a connection that opens a living pathway between God and me. Being blessed means that my life is open to the movement of God. He is actively at work within me. I see His hand, experience His power, and surrender to His grace.

Blessed is a word that captures the beauty of transformation. As God blesses me, He changes me, moving in my life to make me new, whole, clean, and useful. When God bestows a blessing, He does so in order to tie our hearts to His. It underscores our dependence, reinforces His delight, and deepens the connection between us.

My Jesus Resolution today is to be brave enough to notice all the different ways in which I am blessed. Each blessing points me back to God. Every blessing provides me with an opportunity to look more like Jesus. Realizing how expansively God’s blessings touch every piece of who I am changes how I see the little things in my day. God is here. He loves me. He is at work around me and within me for His glory. Standing on holy ground, I begin to realize that everything has the potential to be sacred. A place to meet God and worship.  A place to stand in wonder and whisper, “I am blessed.”



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