24 12 2012

God uses my kids to catch my attention. Driving in the car together, we were talking about the history of Christmas. Stockings filled with surprises find their roots in the generosity of a man named Nicholas. Evergreen trees became focal points of celebration as people left paganism and learned about Jesus. Even the name Christmas has its origin in the worship of Christ.

It was here that my youngest son threw out an observation that stopped me in my tracks. In order to understand his comment, you need to know that we live in south Texas. Hispanic culture and the Spanish language are as common here as humidity and tacos. As we were talking about the roots of the word Christmas, he acknowledged the traditional origin of the word, but noted that Christmas took on a deeper dimension if we remembered that the word mas in Spanish means “more.” Christmas becomes a season in which we can stop and acknowledge that we need more Christ.

More is a theme of the Christmas season. More toys, more clothes, more food, more electronics, more presents, more ornaments, more parties, more cards, more people, more time, more energy, more debt, more stuff, more exhaustion, more frustration, more anxiety, more expectations, and more pressure. Rarely, do we hear any one talking about the need for more Christ. And yet is there anything else that we need more than Him?

My Jesus Resolution today is to reframe Christmas into Christ-Mas. I need more Christ. I need the gift of His presence. I crave more of His grace. I long for an extra measure of His glory. I want to celebrate Christmas with new purpose. As we spend time together, I am going to ask Jesus to fill my family with Himself. Opening presents is going to direct my heart to more gratitude for the gift of His grace. Sitting at the table, I am going to be deliberate about inviting Jesus to be present in our conversation and laughter. The idea of opening our hearts and making room for more Christ during this season opens my eyes and fires my imagination. It is at the heart of my prayer for you today. Merry Christ-Mas!



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