Lifting Weights

5 12 2012

It happened again. The teenager and the toddler. The teenager got up to lead singing, a little nervous, still stepping outside of his comfort zone as he learns how to serve. The toddler, barely containing his excitement, pulls at his mom as his big brown eyes take measure of the near-man standing close by.

The teenager opens the song book and announces the first song. The toddler picks up a book, turns and faces the crowd, lifting his arm in readiness as he prepares to imitate his teenaged picture of Jesus. He tries to balance the weight of the book in one arm while preparing to keep a beat with his other hand. But the book is too heavy.

In steps Mom. Gently, the little boy’s mother lifts the weight of the book with her own hand. With his book now in the right place, the toddler stands straight and tall through the verses of the song, his little arm keeping time with the older boy’s shadow.

The song ends, and a split second of silence fills the air. Those privileged to see sit in hushed wonder at the holy moment. Humbled, tears fill the eyes of the teen. A big grin splashes across the face of the toddler. Yet, it is the actions of the mother that pull at my heart. In a quiet move motivated by love, she lifted a weight and opened the door for her son to learn to be more like Jesus. With one simple movement, she freed her son to imitate, explore, and be transformed.

My Jesus Resolution today is to lift a weight. Someone I know is doing their best to imitate the heart of Jesus. Someone I will meet today longs to take a step into transformation. But the burden is too heavy. The weight is too much. Their balance is off. They can’t do it by themselves. I can help. I can hold a book, give a hug, write a card, make a call, take a step, give a smile, or say a prayer. Sometimes a small gesture is all that is needed to lift the weight, inspire transformation, and spark joy.



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