The Trail

9 11 2012

Transformation leaves a trail. I picked the acorn up off the carpeting, wondering how it got into the house. I turned the corner, and there was another one lying on the floor. I walked into another room, glanced down by my feet, marveling at the way acorns seem to be everywhere.

Acorns are abundant right now. Scientists tell us that this is what is called a “mast” year – a year in which the oak trees overproduce their fruit. It happens every ten to fifteen years, and no one quite knows why. The result is a carpet of acorns wherever you step. The acorns make a distinctive crunch along the street in the quiet early mornings as I walk.

I picked up my shoes, watching as another acorn falls to the floor. Here is the answer to my acorn mystery. The grooves in the bottom of my walking shoes are filled with acorns. They are stuck in the channels and indentations that make up the tread of my shoes. Everywhere I step, I leave evidence behind of the places where I have walked.

What is true for my shoes is true for my heart. Everywhere I walk, I carry with me the evidence of where I have been. If I walk in selfishness, I leave a trail of pride. If I walk in anger, I leave a trail of frustration and hurt. If I walk in sin, I leave a trail of unholiness. If I walk in worship, I leave a trail of wonder. If I walk in gratitude, I leave a trail of peace. If I walk in love, I leave a trail of joy.

My Jesus Resolution today is to watch where I walk. Bits of where I walk will stay with me. Like the acorn in my shoe tread, I carry with me pieces of my journey. I want the evidence that I leave behind to tell the story of walking with God. I want the fruit that I leave behind to proclaim His name and honor His purpose. Walking in Jesus, I leave a trail behind that points to the cross.



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