5 11 2012

It is election season in our country. Tomorrow, we have the privilege and responsibility of choosing the leaders of our land, shaping the laws that will guide our national interests, and investing ourselves in democracy. It is a right that the world looks at in wonder, and many Americans take for granted. I pray that you will use the opportunity granted to you by the blessing of living in this land to go out and vote.

After months (and months and months) of campaign speeches, debates, news reports, and expert opinions, you get to go into the privacy of the voting booth and make your choice. Selecting the people who will be our leaders is a powerful responsibility. I pray that you have invested yourself in prayer, made room for reflection, and listened carefully as you have made your decision. We will live under the authority of these governing powers for the next four years.

As you ponder the significance of this freedom, ask yourself a couple of questions. Have you invested as much thought in who sits on the throne of your heart as you have in who will sit in the White House? Have you listened as carefully to His promises, considered His track record, and looked as deeply into His character as you have the candidate of your choice? After you finish voting, find another quiet, private place and make another choice. Choose to walk closely with God today. Choose to surrender fully to His will. Choose to celebrate the love He extends. Choose to look like Jesus. Choose God. It’s a choice for life.

My Jesus Resolution today is to vote. I am going to make a deliberate choice for God. I am going to invest myself as deeply in Him as I have the elections that are shaping the world in which I live. God is in control, regardless of who sits in leadership in the state capitol or the White House. Today I choose God. I choose to walk with Him, follow His leadership, respond to His voice, and imitate His Son.



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