Faith Filter

17 10 2012

The election process seems to bring out the best and worst in Americans. Listening to the rhetoric, watching the debates, engaging in dialogue, and imagining a brighter tomorrow all have the potential to shape our great nation into an even greater land of opportunity. If we don’t tear each other apart in the process.

One of the interesting facets that has come into focus during this election season centers around the importance of faith. In last week’s vice presidential debate, both candidates discussed the central place that faith has in their lives, their worldviews, and the way in which faith influences their decisions in the political arena.

“My religion defines who I am…” – Vice President Joe Biden

“I don’t see how a person can separate their public life from their private life or from their faith. Our faith informs us in everything we do.” – Representative Paul Ryan

Both candidates are correct. Faith is a filter. Everything we do, everything we see, every decision we make, every priority we embrace, every opportunity we examine, and every person we meet has to be scrutinized through the filter of our faith. The world tries to tell us that faith is something you can pick up or set down as the occasion requires. Jesus tells us that faith is to be the core of who we are. Nothing we experience, no idea that we consider, no action we take can be separated from what we believe about who God is, where Jesus stands in our lives, and how the Spirit works within us.

My Jesus Resolution today is to understand the importance of using my faith as a filter for all I see today. As I pray for the election, I want God’s will to be the filter for my requests. As I listen to the candidates, I want God’s wisdom to help me understand what is best and right. As I interact with others from both parties, I want God’s love to shape my speech and behavior. As I consider all the promises, problems, and platforms, I want God’s truth to help me measure the words. As I vote, I want to make my choice through the filter of faith.



One response

28 10 2012
Amanda Embry

I think you are right that we should be using faith to filter how we look at everything and respond to it. I just wish I really believed that the candidates would, as well.

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