10 10 2012

“I sit here freezing and wet in this pitch-black room as the rain beats on the roof, and God is so close I feel I can touch Him. My deepest prayer is that I could know the Lord as well as the first grader next to me. All my senses are full of His greatness. God’s glory has fallen down into this place and is soaking us even deeper than the rain. I never ever want to be dry.” – Katie Davis

Katie’s words speak a deep truth. God longs for us to live drenched, soaked, overflowing lives. Hearts saturated with His presence. Souls caught in the torrent of His grace. Eyes inundated by His glory. Minds captivated by the cascade of love that surrounds us, embraces us, and lifts us higher.

Too many times all I want to do is stick my toe in the water. I am content to sit by the shore, rather than risk getting in over my head. Sitting by the ocean’s edge, I can pretend that I am in control. Things look neat, orderly, and well- managed. I walk by my own strength. I build boats that take me on excursions. I sing, think, talk, and pray about being blessed to have this view of the ocean. And I stay dry.

There is a difference between seeing and swimming, between standing on the shore and being swept away by the current. God doesn’t want us to take vacations at the beach. His deepest desire is for us to plunge into the ocean depths of His love and live drenched, saturated, soaked, never-dry lives.

My Jesus Resolution today is dive in. God wants more than my big toe. He wants all of me – even my failures, my fears, and my too-little faith. On the shore, those things are heavy weights that shackle my soul. When I determine to live drenched, His love becomes the buoy that lifts me up. Earth’s oceans are just puddles compared to immenseness of God’s glory and grace. I never ever want to be dry.



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