21 09 2012

Today is the International Day of Peace. It is a day meant to remind the world of the terrible cost of war and the commitment to peace that must be made by each citizen of the planet.

The reality of our world is that there is only one way to peace. It will not come through human diplomacy, cease fires, good will, or resolutions. Jesus is the only way to peace.

This is not a politically correct statement. We live in a world that wants tolerance and compromise to be our anthems. It promotes the idea that peace will only flow from a “live and let live” mindset. There is a place, of course, for respect and open-mindedness. We need to honor the free will God placed inside each man and see each person as special and unique. But peace will never be the result of our efforts or attitudes. It will never flow from learning to be comfortable with darkness. Peace will only come to the world when it embraces Jesus.

Christianity holds up one standard and revolves around one truth. The cross frames the greatest move ever made toward peace. It is the instrument upon which Jesus brought reconciliation between us and God. That is the war that must be our focus. As long as people are fighting God, they will continue to fight each other.

The move toward peace must be a move toward Christ. The good news is that peace doesn’t depend on Washington or the United Nations. It is a movement that can begin in our hearts and homes. The spread of peace across the globe is directly related to the spread of Christ in people’s lives. Jesus already paid the terrible cost for the war of our souls. The task He gives to you and me is to be peace ambassadors, carrying the good news of peace to the people still fighting and dying in darkness.

“Therefore, we are ambassadors for Christ, God making his appeal through us. We implore you on behalf of Christ, be reconciled to God.” – 2 Corinthians 5:20

My Jesus Resolution today is to be an ambassador of peace. I am thankful for the peace Jesus has brought to my life. I wouldn’t want to face a day without the reality of His peace guarding my heart and mind. Today I commit to sharing that peace with others. Peace isn’t an international dream. It is God’s dream, and He is willing to share it with you and me.



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