12 09 2012

Disappointment is difficult. When our dreams crash, the door is slammed in our face, or the path takes an unexpected turn, waves of disappointment and discouragement have the power to knock us off our feet and leave bruises on our hearts.

She called me in tears. She had been working toward this day for months. She had poured her heart into learning and rising to the new challenges before her. She had set her goal, preparing herself for settling into a new routine of service and compassion.

Unexpectedly, the plan took a twist. The door she was counting on swinging open stayed firmly closed. She turned around in bewilderment, staring at another door that was now ajar. She didn’t want to go through it. It wasn’t where she wanted to go. This wasn’t the way it was supposed to work out. After months of praying and preparing, disappointment left heartache in its wake.

She struggled to make sense of this new reality. Disappointment gave way to discouragement. She doubted her talents, and her ability to adjust and accept the new situation. Her confidence took a hit as she compared her door to the doors that others had seen open. Frustration erupted as she questioned the path that led her to this unexpected, unwanted place.

I wish I could tell you that I was able to give her some grand advice or make sense of the twists and turns that now lay before her. Instead, she taught me how to look like Jesus when your heart is hurting. Humbled, I read what she wrote only a few hours later. “Faith means trusting in advance what will only make sense in reverse. Your plans are greater than my dreams.”

My Jesus Resolution today is to meet disappointment with faith. In every moment of disappointment, we have a choice. We can trust or we can complain. We can look for His hand or stare at the closed door. We can remember God’s faithfulness or rehearse our frustration. We can demand our own way or walk in His way. We can sit down, letting disappointment stop us in our tracks or we can stand up, wipe away the tears, reach out for His hand, and take a step of faith.



3 responses

12 09 2012
Jim & Tracie Walkup

Thank you, lovely Lady! Enjoy your weekend at Greenville. I hope you still get as excited as the ladies do. Have a God day! Tracie

12 09 2012
Paula Pancoast

Your timing with this post is perfect Casandra! I shared this with someone who is teaching me to look more like Jesus, my sweet daughter. We are SO excited that you are speaking for our Ladies Retreat, can’t wait to see you!!

13 09 2012

Thanks Casandra! You always encourage me, and these are words that I know I need to hear. Plan ahead to respond to whatever comes with the faith that God will go through it with me.

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