Faith Hero

22 08 2012

He doesn’t look like a faith hero. He doesn’t have a flowing beard, hold a staff in his hand, or hear God’s voice through a burning bush. He hasn’t preached to thousands, walked through the desert, or spent the night in the lion’s den. He is ordinary. He is a regular guy who took a stand for faith and showed me Jesus.

My faith hero stood in a quiet moment, counted the cost, and said, “No. That doesn’t look like Jesus.” Nobody will make a movie about his actions. His words won’t make headlines. The world will shrug and move on. But for just a moment I got to see the true face of courage, witness faith shine in the darkness, and be humbled by the holy privilege of watching what it means to really live out The Jesus Resolution.

We sometimes think that heroes always wear capes and have super powers. Their actions are defined by extraordinary feats of strength and mind-bending moments of magnificent skill. True heroes look like you and me. They inspire us, reminding us of who we are and who we can be. They quietly live out their convictions. They walk through difficult moments remaining true to their identity in Christ. They teach us that “deny yourself” sometimes hurts, but is always worth it. In simple ways and quiet movements, they point us over and over to the cross.

My Jesus Resolution today is to be like my faith hero. Paul tells us in 1 Corinthians 11:1, “Be imitators of me, as I am of Christ.” Here is why God puts faith heroes in our lives. They give us a living, breathing picture of what it means to follow Jesus. They let us see transformation in action, grace at work, and faith in motion. Thanks, faith hero, for reminding me that a crown of life is way cooler than a cape and the world’s applause.



One response

22 08 2012
Linda Mullin

Today is one of those days I need my hero to grant me peace and His love from above. I need Him to show me His way and go ahead and prepare what He desires in the future and grant me the strength and confidence in Him to know His direction and know the place He desires best and confidence from Him to move according to His will and timing. And I continue to pray Lord I believe help my unbelief as you know my anxious thoughts and my concerns and in myself I haben’t the confidence so any confidence and strength I get must come from you in Jesus name I ask and pray and for anyone else Father who doesn’t have the confidence i ask that Your Holy Spirit pray on my behalf and on their’s in Jesus name I ask. Amen

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