13 08 2012

“This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.” – Psalm 118:24

It is Monday morning. We can frown at that statement, look at the week’s long-to-do list, put our heads down, and hope for Friday. Or we can see this day for what it truly is – a gift from God. Today is a chance to start the week with praise. You have a chance to meet this week with your eyes open to His presence and your heart ready for His grace.

Here are ten reasons to smile on a Monday.

1. Jesus loves you – without limit, without condition, without end.

2. You are forgiven, new, clean, and whole – right now – because of the blood of Jesus.

3. You will meet God today. Keep your eyes open!

4. The cross has the power to take what is ugly and broken and make it beautiful.

5. Prayer works. It unleashes heaven’s glory into your circumstances and your heart.

6. The tomb is still empty.

7. Transformation is always possible.

8. Heaven is real.

9. God is present, in control, and at work all around you.

10. All of God’s promises find their “YES!” in Jesus.

My Jesus Resolution today is to smile – all day, every chance I get. The world may complain about the fact that it is Monday, but God has made this a day for rejoicing. Look at what God has already poured into this day – irresistible love, amazing grace, unlimited power, infinite possibilities, and reassuring presence – and it is only Monday! If the week starts off this way, imagine what tomorrow is going to bring! Smile!!



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