Living Stones

6 08 2012

“You yourselves like living stones are being built up as a spiritual house, to be a holy priesthood, to offer spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ.” – 1 Peter 2:5

We live in a world that seems to thrive on change. Whatever is new makes the headlines. Whatever is the latest is pronounced the greatest. Bigger, newer, faster, and shinier grabs our attention and invites us into a dizzying world without anchors or foundation.

While some things may work best guided by innovation and invention, our souls were meant for the permanence of His presence. Peter uses an amazing picture to describe what Christ wants to build in our lives. He calls us Living Stones. Connected to the Cornerstone of the cross, we are being built together to rise as a spiritual house for His name. Slowly and surely, He is transforming us for His glory.

The world, however, constantly tugs at us to choose slick over solid, fashionable over faithful, and convenience over commitment. Every day, we have to choose whether to move according to the rhythm of His grace or to follow the beat of the world’s drums.

Growing a Living Stone kind of faith doesn’t happen by accident. We don’t stumble into spiritual growth by chance. This kind of rock-solid faith is built when we make deliberate moves toward Christlikeness. Transformation begins with allowing God to reset our priorities, realign our attitudes, and restore our sense of wonder. He promises to teach us how to live with Living Stone faith in a world that has decided that a veneer of godliness is good enough.

My Jesus Resolution today is to sit on a rock. I want to see myself in its shape and understand how God wants to form my faith. I am not meant to live a spun-around, disoriented, dizzied, unsettled kind of life. God gives me peace that is grounded in the certainty of His nearness, joy anchored in the surety of His faithfulness, and hope fixed in the power of His unfailing love.


I am excited to tell you that my newest Women Opening the Word Bible study is now available. Living Stones encourages us to dive deeply into the spiritual practices that build vibrant, rock-solid faith. Explore what it means to be a Living Stone and how God wants to fill you with Himself. Check out the WOW Books section of my website – – for more information!



One response

6 08 2012
Patti Jones

I just finished your bible study on prayer this past week and will start the Living Stones bible study this week. I know it will be awesome, too.

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