18 07 2012

It’s drippy outside. We have had a week of wet weather. Rain is falling from clouds darkly squished together in the sky. The grass is green. The humidity is clogging the air, and no one is complaining.

A year ago, we were in the midst of a devastating drought. The air crackled with dry electricity as the ground broke open, plants died, and the landscape looked burnt and brown. Scarred trunks still stand as markers of the millions of trees that were ravaged by the earth’s thirst.

The drought seared a reality in our minds that changes the way that we look at the rain today. Faces grin when rain hits the roof. People are thankful for umbrellas. No one minds getting their shoes wet. Rain is a blessing. Even those who don’t know God are counting the drops with gratitude.

In the Bible, rain is a picture of God’s movement, presence, and power among His people. Ground soaked with rain mirrored hearts saturated in surrender and obedience. Drought reminded the people that they could not walk outside of His presence. They needed the Lord as much as the earth needs rain.

My Jesus Resolution today is to talk about the rain. In Matthew 5:45, Jesus tells us that the Father “sends rain on the just and the unjust.” Each time it gets drippy, I get the opportunity to point someone to the One who makes the rain. It rains on the just and the unjust, but the just know who to thank. We are meant to live lives so drippy with His presence and love that others can see us praising Him for even the simplest blessings.



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