11 07 2012

It is an awkward moment. In John 9:1-7, Jesus is walking with His disciples and passes by a man who has been blind from birth. The disciples treat the man like he is deaf as well as blind. “Who sinned, Rabbi? This man or his parents?” In their question, I catch my own reflection.

How many times do I walk in their shoes? When faced with a problem, when struggling with an obstacle, my first response is the same as theirs. I seek to fix blame. I want to know whose fault it is. I want to draw a line in the sand so that I can minimize my own responsibility, relieve my own guilt, or separate myself from the mess. When someone else is to blame, I can stand on the sidelines.

Jesus offers us another way to look at the moment. Instead of pointing a finger, Jesus wants us to look to God. Within this heartache is a place for the One willing to heal our brokenness. Within this difficulty is room for His power. Within this impossible situation is a door for His immeasurably more. Where I see barriers, Jesus sees room for God’s big purpose.

The blind man has probably heard it all before. He expects nothing more than perhaps a coin from the encounter. The man hopes for a little loose change to get through the day. Jesus offers him a change that will transform his life. A little mud, a trip to the pool, and life can be lived in wide-eyed wonder.

My Jesus Resolution today is look for God opportunities. Instead of looking at my troubles and seeing a dead end, I am going to look for the hand of God. God is in the business of breaking through barriers, knocking down walls, and opening doors. Instead of wasting my time fixing blame, I am going to anticipate the ways God is waiting to work.



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11 07 2012
Denell Dennis

Love this!!! A little loose change versus transforming CHANGE. Thanks again, Casandra. Your food for thought was a delicious way to start my day.

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