Duh! It’s Jesus

6 07 2012

The room was full of little boys. Scabbed knees, freckles, and smiles with loose teeth grinned back at me as we circled around the Bible to learn about Jesus. Tonight, we were talking about Jesus growing up as a little boy in Nazareth. The boys were hooked as they pictured Jesus looking just like them.

We talked about Jesus obeying His mother, following her directions, and listening when she called. But it was the discussion of Jesus working with Joseph in the carpenter’s shop that captured their attention. They pictured Jesus learning how to hammer and build things with His father. They talked about how He carried tools, learned to fix what was broken, and help someone in need.

One of the boys caught the idea of Jesus working as a carpenter and exclaimed, “He must have had big muscles and been really strong!” Another boy looked at his friend with six-year-old confidence and said, “Well, duh! It’s Jesus. Of course, He’s strong.”

I love that. This little boy carries with him an absolute assurance of Jesus’ power. He understands that there is no gap in His strength. Nothing is too big for Him to handle. Nothing is stronger, bigger, or tougher than Jesus.

Too many times I forget. I let the shadows of my struggles, the size of my worries, and the intensity of my fears pull my eyes away from God. The problem, deadline, conflict, debt, bad habit, despair, loneliness, busyness, guilt, shame, sin, or pressure seems too big, too strong, and too overwhelming. That is when I need to remember six-year-old wisdom.

My Jesus Resolution today is to apply what I learned in Bible class. Jesus really is bigger than my biggest fear. He is stronger than my mightiest worry. He is solid, reliable, faithful, and powerful. God reminds me in Isaiah 50:2b, “Is my hand shortened, that it cannot redeem? Or have I no power to deliver?”  Once again, a child becomes my teacher. When I feel overwhelmed today, I am going to look at my trouble and remember – Duh! It’s Jesus. Of course, He’s strong enough.



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6 07 2012
Anola Bassaro

Oh, I so needed to be reminded of this today….thank you so much!

6 07 2012

When Jesus said we would need to be like little children to enter the kingdom of God, He encompassed a lot. Children have utter confidence in Jesus. Children also have a desire to be close to their parents. They never let Mommy and Daddy out of their sight. I’ve been thinking lately about being more like a child in that regard. To stay close to the Father, to desire his presence. Thank you for sharing another way children are close to the Kingdom.

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