23 05 2012

Windows and doors are neat things. Recently, I stayed in a hotel room with no windows. It was a little strange. The bed was comfortable, the room clean, but it was strangely claustrophobic. It was safe, but there was no light. Day and night melted into one another. It was a surprise to find that rain had fallen during our sleep. There was no way to gauge what was going on in the outside world. No avenue for interacting with what was beyond our door.

Every morning, I open our front door. We have a glass door on the front of our house, and I love to open the heavy door and let the light come through the glass as dawn pours itself across the sky.

This morning as I undid the lock and pulled the door open, I realized that each day I must make the same choice about my heart. I can choose to open it to the wonders and vulnerabilities that come from being unguarded or I can keep it closed. Keeping it locked seems safer, but in reality, suffocating. We were meant to live in light, in color, in full engagement with God and His world. When I close the door to my heart, I hold on to control and let my vision, my understanding set my boundaries.

Open is a learning word, a seeing word, a listening word, a transparent word. It challenges me to let God in, to see Him in new ways, to discover Him in the familiar and the ordinary, to make myself available and vulnerable to grace. Open lets Light in.

My Jesus Resolution today is to be open. I want to be open to whatever God has in store for me today. My tendency is to shut the door. To keep it locked. To protect myself and live in the status quo. Jesus says, “Behold, I stand at the door and knock.” (Revelation 3:20a). He doesn’t push His way in, use a pass key, or walk away. He waits, knocks, loves, and woos. How will you open the door of your heart to Jesus today?



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