11 05 2012

“My mother was the most beautiful woman I ever saw. All I am I owe to my mother. I attribute all my success in life to the moral, intellectual and physical education I received from her.” – George Washington

Mothers are special people. They hold us when we are small and help us reach our potential. They hold our hands and let us go. They teach us how to spell our names and shape the core of our identities. Mothers touch our hearts and help us learn how to look at the world. Mothers live with their hearts outside of their bodies and teach it how to fly, dream, and reach upward.

A mother’s love is powerful. It has the ability to protect, shelter, discipline, spoil, nurture, teach, giggle, play, and guide. It is sacrificial. It delights in dandelions, rejoices in reading the same book one hundred thirty seven days in a row, and smiles at smudges on the window. It is a mirror of the love God has for His children.

Being a mother is an investment in the deep purposes of God. Each day is an opportunity to point our children to Jesus, to ensure they can see His hand on their lives, and to live out the adventure of walking with God with them and for them.

Having a mother means that you can trace the fingerprints of God on your life. God uses mothers to open our eyes to His presence, teach us about His heart, and show us what it means to live in love.

Celebrate mothers today – having one, being one, loving one, knowing one. If your mother isn’t present in your life, choose someone who has helped you see God and shows you what it means to look like Jesus. Be deliberate about praying for mothers today. Be thankful for the difference mothers make and how they impact lives far beyond themselves.

My Jesus Resolution today is to count all the Mom blessings. I am going to pay attention to all the ways that my mom touches my life, has shaped how I see, and influenced how I walk. I am going to look for her fingerprints on my life, knowing that when I see them, I can trace the handprint of God. Thanks Mom!!



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