Little Things

23 03 2012

Little things are a big deal. My grandmother taught me that it is often the smallest kindnesses that go the farthest in bringing hearts together. Our world tends to delight in big, showy displays, but quiet touches, gentle whispers, and thoughtful actions often bring the most healing, the deepest joy, and the strongest connection. Here are ten little things you can do today that will make a big difference for someone.

1. Say a prayer.

2. Send a card.

3. Say I love you.

4. Give a hug.

5. Open a door.

6. Let someone else go first.

7. Say thank you.

8. Smile.

9. Make eye contact.

10. Offer a blessing.

My Jesus Resolution today is to pay attention to the little things. God often reveals Himself most profoundly in the simplest places and quietest moments. Rain drops, rose petals, and lady bugs announce His presence. The everyday blessings of food, water, and clothes speak to His loving care. A Bible invites us to move closer to His heart. Daily grace draws our eyes to His face. Look for God in the little things today. See if noticing them doesn’t make a big difference for your heart.



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23 03 2012

In am in a seniors class at church. We have been doing these things for quite a while. Our class is so cohesive. We have extended to all. I love when folks visit our class and say there is something about this class I love. We try to get an email and thank them for attending. Of course once you start this, it is extended to the lady at Kroger’s for example. The person at the airport. It becomes your life.

23 03 2012
Barb Wangerin

So many of Jesus’ conversations and actions were expressed through “little things”. The leper was touched. Eye contact with the woman at the banquet. Sleeping through a storm. There truly are too many to mention. Thank you for the enlightenment of the “little things”. They can make or break a relationship. God Bless you Cassandra Martin.

10 08 2012


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