1 02 2012

Complicated is overrated. People want to take simple things and make them complex. Sometimes we want to make ourselves look smarter, so we make it complicated to prove to people that we know it all. Other moments find us wanting to hide what we don’t know, so we complicate the simple in order to create a smokescreen. Maybe we are afraid that the simple might somehow make us simplistic, so we run the other direction. Many times we are looking for a loophole or a grey area, so we make it complicated to buy ourselves some wiggle room.

God makes it simple. His directions are clear, His purpose is direct, and His intent is understandable. Here is a sample: Be mine. Love each other. Serve gladly. Be humble. Worship Me only. Tell the truth. Follow Me. Obey. Trust. Listen. Wait. Be still. Shine. Tell others. Pray.

Simple doesn’t mean easy, but it does mean doable. God clears the way, and very simply directs our hearts deeper into His presence. He wants us to understand His will, and be confident about what makes Him smile. We tend to complicate it so that we can measure our performance, mark our worth, or make ourselves look good. Too many times, we just want the grey area that complicated brings to the picture.

My Jesus Resolution today is to keep it simple. I am going to remember that God wants me to follow Him. There are no confusing road signs, double blind curves, or concealed traps on the way into His presence. He doesn’t have a hidden agenda or ulterior motive. He just wants me to love Him. He has made that has simple as He can. Everything He wants me to do, everything He wants me to be, and everywhere He wants me to go can be summed up in three simple words – Look Like Jesus.



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1 02 2012
Brenda Young

The older I get the more I love simpler, too often I make looking like Jesus complicated, thank you for the reminder that we just have to ask, He does the rest. . Thank you Cassandra!

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