13 01 2012

My dog is terrified of thunder. Seriously scared. If there is a thunderstorm, he cowers and wanders around the house looking for a place of shelter and comfort. Nothing ever quite seems to do. He will hide under beds, crawl into the small space under the coffee table, climb stairs, and squeeze into the recesses of the laundry room in order to escape the thunder.

I look a lot like my dog.

Too often I let fear define my steps. I chase after shadows, try to find hiding places for my heart, and turn to illusions of comfort that, in the end, disappoint. I run from place to person to website to pacifier in order to escape the fear that seems to dog my steps.

Eventually, my dog will give up his chaotic search for a thunderless spot, and come and settle down at my feet. He will curl up close and wait. He will spend the rest of the storm by my side. My presence seems to be the remedy for his fear.

I need to look a lot more like my dog.

Instead of turning to experts, indulging in bad habits, and trying to find my own fear solutions, I need to settle myself at the feet of Jesus. I need to curl up close and wait. I need to find my reassurance in His nearness. I need to listen to His voice, dig deeper into His love, and experience His peace. His presence is the remedy for my fear.

My Jesus Resolution today is let the thunder drive me into His presence. Storms are going to happen. Health crises, financial troubles, job worries, and family struggles are going to darken the horizon. Thunder is the result of pressure and sudden changes in the atmosphere. Often, so is fear. I can let the thunder of fear intimidate me or remind me that God is close. When I hear a rumble, I am going to let the storm turn me toward the Savior.



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