God Power

9 01 2012

“A year from now you will wish you had started today.” – Karen Lamb

Now is about the time that resolutions get hard. The first week of January is behind us, and the reality of the discipline we are trying to embrace is making itself known. It is at this moment that the comfort of the familiar looks especially inviting, the rationalizations take on a voice of their own, and the will power that looked unstoppable seems to be sputtering.

Our human nature resists change that seeks to redefine who we are. Stretching outside of our comfort zones, by its very definition, means experiencing discomfort. Retraining our minds, bodies, emotions, or spirits to walk a different path requires trying out new rhythms and embracing new routines. It can mean making mistakes, using untried muscles, or being overwhelmed by how far away the goal line seems to be.

Will power can only take us so far. But God has the power to take us all the way. The commitment to looking like Jesus is not something I can accomplish on my own. I am far too prone to choosing comfort over transformation, to opting for the familiar over steps of faith, to picking the easy path over the best way.

God promises to do in me what I can never do for myself. He will unleash His power, work His might, extend His grace, and fulfill His promises in order to transform who I am. Unlimited, unstoppable, and unfathomable, God is prepared to do the hard work of making The Jesus Resolution a reality in my heart. What is required from me is one daily exercise – bending my will to His.

My Jesus Resolution today is to surrender. I am not going to depend on my own strength to take the next step. I am going to rely on God. Surrender might require me to get off the couch, put back the new shoes, pick up the mess, reset my alarm clock, or be willing to be uncomfortable. But surrender always starts with a simple move – kneeling. I want this year to be defined by daily surrender. If I do, a year from now I might be surprised by what God has been able to do in me.



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