2 01 2012

Do you make resolutions? Some people don’t, but I love stopping to take inventory and the adventure of imagining that my life can be more than it is today. Resolutions speak of hope, fresh starts, possibilities, and potential. They frame a truth that is at the heart of God’s movement in this world – what we are today is not all there is. With God, there is a richer, deeper, fuller life awaiting us than we can ever imagine or realize on our own.

There are as many different resolutions as there are people. Most of our resolutions center around our health, being more organized, accomplishing a task or goal, being better financial stewards, or strengthening our relationships. It is interesting that the most important resolution we can make provides the foundation for accomplishing everything else.

Paul said it best. “For I decided to know nothing among you except Jesus Christ and him crucified.” (I Corinthians 2:2) We call it The Jesus Resolution, and it is the commitment to look like Jesus every day. As we surrender to God’s grace and power, He transforms us into the image of His Son. And it is in the resolve to look like Jesus that the rest of our resolutions find their shape and substance.

The resolution to look like Jesus will shape the way we treat our bodies, walk in our relationships, spend our money, use our talents, organize our time, make our entertainment choices, and do our jobs. As we take The Jesus Resolution to heart, it overflows into every area of our lives and transforms it in accordance with God’s purpose and plan.

My Jesus Resolution today is to once again make The Jesus Resolution. This isn’t a make it once, check it off, or let it slide by January 15th kind of commitment. This is the most important resolution I can make. By His grace, He calls me to walk by His side, know His heart, and participate in His purpose. More than anything, God wants me to look like Jesus. He is willing, able, and ready to unleash His power in me to make that possible. All it takes is a surrendered soul and a resolve to follow where He leads. It will change everything because it changes me. Will you join me in making The Jesus Resolution?



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