Everyday Miracles

28 12 2011

“When we get into the habit of truly paying attention to life, we often find that miracles are all around us. They are simply every day occurrences seen more clearly.”
— Chelle Thompson 

I live a too busy life. It is a wonderful life, a full life, a blessed life, and a crazy life. Like everyone else, my plate is overflowing, my calendar jammed packed, and my to-do list unending. God has blessed me with a terrific family, a job that makes my spirit soar, and opportunities to walk with Him every day. There isn’t really very much about my life that I would change, except perhaps one thing. I want to see better.

In the midst of all the busyness, I tend to go through my days with my eyes half closed. I don’t see all of the treasures God weaves into my day. I get focused on my list, put my attention on going faster, and keep my eyes on myself, what I have to do, what I didn’t get done, and how I am going to do more tomorrow. In the process, I miss the everyday miracles. The little moments of wonder, the possibilities for praise, the touches of eternity that all have the potential to awaken our souls to the presence of God.

Learning to pay attention to life takes practice and discipline. It requires developing a mindset that anticipates the truth that God is going to reveal Himself, call my name, or open the door into His presence somewhere in my day. The habit of awareness involves pausing frequently in the middle of the busyness to look around and notice the small, quiet things that point to the sacred. A heart that lives in full attention hears not only the noise of life, but the subtle rhythms that speak His name and call for our praise.

My Jesus Resolution today is to open my eyes and see better. I want to see people better. I want to see them through the lens of His joy, love, patience, and purpose. I want to see my blessings more clearly. It is in my blessings that I am most easily able to trace the hand of God on my day. I want to be able to look at my obstacles and see opportunities. I want to see Jesus everywhere I look and in everything I do. I want to be able to see Him moving in my day, standing in my relationships, walking in my schedule, and filling the corners of my heart with His presence. Today I am going to look for the everyday miracles God plants all around me. What do you think we will see today?



One response

14 08 2012

When we see someone stumble let’s seek God about the blows they may have been dealt yesterday. When we see a woman limping let us seek God as to the pain we cannot see. When we see fear in someone’s eyes let us seek God about the stones they ducked and the darts they dodged during the day. When someone is loud let us seek God in understanding they may be afraid of being neglected again. When we see someone who is timid let us seek God in understanding they may fear failing again. When we see someone who is slow perhaps in seeking God He will show us they fell last time they hurried. We don’t know only God who followed their steps yesterday can judge their steps but in His love doesn’t judge because He understands. So let us seek to love as He does knowing He is the author and the story isn’t finished. He is the artist and still painting the portrait. Let us seek Him in not dismissing a soul as He is working on all of us. Let us seek to understand and love as He does and value each life as He does. God begins the work in all of us and He will continue it until it is finished when Jesus comes again and whether we see Him transforming a person or not doesn’t mean He isn’t or hasn’t begun to love them where they are at because no one else could. Let us seek to truly know His love and compassion for ourselves and others. In Christ Linda Diana Mullin

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