23 12 2011

Are you going to open presents this weekend? We are. We are Christmas morning gift openers. We like the anticipation and excitement of waking up Christmas morning, gathering around the Christmas tree, and opening gifts together. Here memories are made, laughter is shared, love is invested, and joy makes it mark.

Tradition plays a huge roll in how we open our gifts. We take turns, opening gifts one at a time. Even when our kids were little we did it this way. We love the opportunity this tradition affords to watch faces, capture smiles, and savor the moments. One-by-one, presents are passed out. The gift receiver reads the tag, announcing the identity of the gift giver. There is guessing and questioning as boxes are poked at and packages are shaken.  Sometime they can identify the gift by the shape and size of the package. Other times the contents are a complete surprise.

However you celebrate this holiday, I pray that you will open all your gifts. The ones under the tree are not the only gifts you are going to receive. Slow down and notice all the ways God touches your day. He has invested His heart in giving you Himself. He was instrumental in the good things you will eat. He shaped the voices that fill your rooms with laughter. Thank Him. He brought together the people with whom you are spending the day. They are each a gift from Him, even when you can’t quite see it. The blessings you enjoy are gifts from One who loves you beyond measure. Read the tags. Pay attention to the Giver. Open them one by one. His presence is your richest present.

My Jesus Resolution today is to open all my gifts. I don’t want to miss seeing His hand on my day. I want to notice every single way that He has touched my life. I want to feel His love, experience His joy, immerse myself in His presence, and relish the gifts He gives me. Today I want to give Him a gift as well. All I have is my heart, but I am going to give it all to Him.



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