The Gratitude Challenge

25 11 2011

November is a month that reminds us to be thankful for our blessings. It has been refreshing to see many people sharing their gratitude, making lists of blessings, and posting reasons for thanks. Each blessing is a reminder of how God touches our days, shapes our moments, and meets our needs.

But here is the question that caught my attention as I have walked through this month of thanksgiving – why do we only do this during this one month a year?

Please understand that I am not criticizing those who have made a special effort to count their blessings and express thanks at this time of year. I rejoice in your attention to the God-details of your life. Your actions have caused me to examine myself. This is a question that holds a mirror up to my own heart. Daily expressions of thanksgiving should be as much on my mind in March as it is in November. I should be as easily aware of my blessings in July as I am around Thanksgiving. Gratitude traces the hand of God on my life. It opens my eyes to His presence, allows me to be overwhelmed by His provision, helps me catch glimpses of His power, and draws my heart even deeper toward the cross.

First Thessalonians 5:18 says, “Give thanks in all circumstances for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.”

I don’t want to stop giving thanks because the holiday is over. I want gratitude to permeate everything I do. I want thanksgiving to be the rhythm of my heart. As much fun as it has been to see Day 25 postings about thanksgiving, how powerful would it be if Facebook, Twitter, emails, and journals were filled with the blessings found on Day 225?

My Jesus Resolution today is to take the Gratitude Challenge. When November ends, I am not going to stop counting my blessings. I am going to watch for God’s hand, trace His fingerprints, and record His movement every day for the next year. Just one thing, one blessing, one reason to smile and remember how close He is and how much He cares. I think a year of giving thanks will change my heart. It will certainly open my eyes. Anyone want to join me?



3 responses

25 11 2011

I’m in!

25 11 2011
Suzanne Radcliffe

I couldn’t agree more. While the things friends listed they were thankful for on FB, I felt like we were counting down to an end (Thanksgiving Day). I want to use Thanksgiving day as day #1 of practicing daily thankfulness in my life. And not by things written in a status on FB, but rather “practice” …concious thankfulness in prayer and in the way I live each day.
BTW, love your website and your WOW study books. God has blessed you with an amazing talent and I am blessed to be on the receiving end. Thank you!
Suzanne Radcliffe

25 11 2011
Pat Hall

I’m with you! One of the first blessings I’m going to record is the wonderful gift God has given you that all of us get to share.

Our Bible class gives thanks regularly for you and your ability.

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