Morning By Morning

17 10 2011

“Morning by morning he awakens; he awakens my ear to hear as those who are taught.” – Isaiah 50:4b

What did you hear as you first woke up this morning? Did you hear birds singing, alarm clocks buzzing, babies crying, or comfortable silence? Did you hear the voice of God?

Morning by morning reveals the gracious hand of our God. Each day is filled with His goodness, His mercy, His faithfulness, and His presence. Every morning He plants new lessons in our day and guides our hearts to learn more about His wonderful love and amazing grace. It is an amazing thought to realize that God wants us to know His heart and see His face. He has made provision for us to know Him better. He awakens us in the morning, preparing us to learn more about Him.

Too many mornings, I jump out of bed and dive into my own agenda. My mind starts working through my to-do list before I even hit the floor. I rush through my day, jumping from activity to meeting to deadline. I listen to the radio, the television, the neighbors, the internet, the gossip at lunch, and the noise in the store. I keep my eyes on the clock, the calendar, and the checkbook. Too often, I have a busy day, but I miss the blessings He intended for me to enjoy. I don’t pause to listen for His voice or open my eyes for the lessons He has brought to my day.

My Jesus Resolution today is to wake up ready to listen to His voice. God wants my heart tuned to Him. He wants His words to fill my ears, direct my eyes, and shape my days. I want to learn how to listen. I want to experience all the rich lessons He has in store for me today. I want to be aware of His presence in those precious few moments when the day is full of possibilities. Listening to Him in those first few minutes of the day will open my heart up to meeting Him through the rest of the day.



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17 10 2011

Thanks, Casandra! What a great way to start the week!

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