Looking at the Sky

12 10 2011

I love the faith of children. It sparkles in the light of His grace, casting off a thousand jewels that teach us how to shine for Him.

He is six years old, and cute as can be. Sitting on the front steps of his grandmother’s place, he solemnly announced that they needed to stop playing and pray for rain. It is true. Here in Texas, we are in the midst of a devastating drought. The effect of months of clear blue skies and high temperatures has taken a visible toll on the landscape. Even a six year old can see it.

The little boy and his grandmother spent a few minutes with heads bowed and hearts lifted to God. They prayed for rain and for the blessings of God’s mercy to be evident in the flowers, trees, grass, and sky. They finished their time in prayer, and the little boy opened his eyes. He looked at the sky, looked at his grandmother, and said, “So, how come it isn’t raining yet?”

I love that. I know that he has lessons to learn about waiting on God’s timing, but his faith is amazing. This little boy understands the power of prayer. He knows that God is listening, and responds on behalf of those who love Him. He lives with the truth that God is the One with the power to change our circumstances, and the ability to make a difference in our struggles. He has no doubts that God is able and willing to step into the moment and do what only God can do. But the best thing about this little boy’s faith is his anticipation of God’s movement. God is going to show up, and he doesn’t want to miss it.

Too many times I pray, but don’t turn my eyes to the sky. I ask God to make a difference, to move in my situation, to answer my questions, or provide for my needs and then forget to open my eyes to His answers. I ask, but I don’t anticipate. I acknowledge His power, but forget to kneel. I say, “Amen,” but never open my eyes.

My Jesus Resolution today is to look at the sky. I want to live in anticipation of His movement, expect to see His glory, and be able to trace His fingerprints on my day. God is listening to my prayers. Sometimes He answers in the moment. Other times, He knows that waiting is the best way to shape His purpose in me. Either way, He is on the move. He is responding, redeeming, transforming, loving, forgiving, and providing. I will either see it or I will miss it. Just depends on whether I look at the sky or keep my eyes on



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