23 09 2011

He was running late. Not a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but this morning his tardiness disrupted three schedules. An extra hit on the snooze alarm, a few minutes of moving slower than he should, and he missed both his ride and the bus.

I tried not to be frustrated. I cut my walk short, and headed home. There he stood on the corner, backpack in hand, the only teenager still left on the street. I grabbed my keys and pointed the car towards the school. I gave him the required mom lecture about being responsible, told him I loved him, and dropped him off.

I have been thinking about our morning all day. It isn’t the specifics of the events that bother me so much, as the lesson they highlight about my own actions. What I do impacts others. My choices, my attitudes, and my behavior affect those around me – many times in ways that I do not plan or consider. A small move of selfishness has ripples that move beyond myself.

Our world sells the idea that we can make whatever choices we want to and the consequences and aftermath will be minimal and only touch my own heart. The truth is that our actions, attitudes, choices, and focus – for good or for bad – have a profound influence on those around us. Those closest to us will feel its fullest effect. But the ripples spread out in directions and go distances beyond what we can see or feel.

My Jesus Resolution today is carry a pebble in my pocket. I want to have it close by so that I can remind myself today that we are connected. My choices make a bigger difference than I realize. I might not see the full impact of how my choices to look like Jesus or walk in my own way will have on those around me, and even those I don’t see or notice, but the truth is that they do. I want the pebble to help me see the ripples that flow from my surrender or my selfishness. Jesus moved a stone and the ripples of grace are still being felt today. I want the ripples from my pebble to point others to Him.



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