14 09 2011

Two numbers are all it takes to remind our hearts. On September 11, 2001, terrorists took our country by surprise. I was driving my son to school when I heard the first reports. One of the World Trade Center towers had been hit by a plane. Confusion and speculation followed as we tried to wrap our minds around the tragedy. Then the other tower fell, and the fearful knowledge that we were under attack began to sink in.

Reports followed from Washington D.C. and Pennsylvania. In total, 2,966 people died that day. Stories of heroism, courage, and faith began to filter through the fear. First responders walked into the terror and saved lives. Families grieved and raised flags. Churches overflowed and prayers were lifted. And in the end, terror didn’t win. Faith did.

I recently visited the site of the attack in New York City. A giant hole in the ground marks the place where the heart of America was changed forever. But it was the people who showed me the impact 9-11 had on our collective soul.

Helpful, loving, gentle, and kind, the people of New York shared their hearts. They talked about where they were, the devastation, the loss, and the deep wound evil had left in their city. But they also talked about hope, faith, and repeatedly pointed us to the cross raised above the wreckage of the twin towers. That, they said, is what the world needs to see.

They are right. Evil is going to swing its wrecking ball at our lives. Planting the cross firmly in our hearts points us to the deepest truth of all. God has overcome. He offers victory in the face of defeat. He holds out goodness in the presence of evil. He provides peace in the midst of brokenness and suffering.

My Jesus Resolution today is to raise the cross. I am going to root it in my heart and let it guide my eyes. I want it to remind me of sacrifice, love, mercy, and triumph. I long for it to be a beacon of hope for others who are hurting. I am determined that I won’t forget that when the cross defines the moment, evil never wins.



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14 09 2011
Renee Johnson

Praise the Lord!!!

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