So Blessed

26 08 2011

Have you ever just been overwhelmed by your blessings? Blessings are God’s fingerprints on our days. They mark His movement, trace His presence, and help us see how intimately He is involved in our lives.

To help you on your way to being amazed, here are ten places to look for ways God has touched your heart.

1. Look at the pictures in your house. Trace the ways He has walked with you through your life.

2. Look at the names in your contact list on your phone. Thank Him for all the people He uses to point your heart to Him.

3. Look in your closet and pantry. Be grateful for the very physical ways God cares for you.

4. Look outside. Every blade of grass, bird in the tree, flower on the stem, and butterfly in the air testifies to His goodness and tender mercies.

5. Look at your family. See Jesus in their faces.

6. Look in your laundry room, under the kitchen sink, in the bathroom, and at the cross. Be overwhelmed by all the ways He gives you to be clean and have new beginnings.

7. Eat something delicious. Chew it slowly. Savor every bite. Enjoy the blessings of taste, texture, and delight.

8. Sing your favorite hymn. Let the words of praise wash over you and fill you up.

9. Read your Bible. Feel God’s passion for you. Experience His delight as you walk by His side. Discover His purpose. Live in His presence.

10. Look in the mirror and read Psalm 139:13-18 out loud.

My Jesus Resolution today is to count my blessings. I want to be especially aware of His movement in my life because it helps me to center my heart, focus my eyes, and surrender my spirit. My blessings help me carry my burdens. They give me perspective, and lead me into His deep purpose. My blessings reveal how tender God is with me, how intimately He is involved in every part of who I am, and how much He loves me. He longs to take my breath away with His goodness. Today when someone asks, “How are you?”  my answer is going to be, “I am so blessed.” What will you say?



3 responses

26 08 2011

We are blessed by God to have you Casandra. Thank you for sharing your beautiful, spirit & thoughts with us!

26 08 2011
Molly Bedrich

I am so blessed!!!

26 08 2011
Mary Moudy

I’d like to see “So Blessed” on Facebook. After 61 years of marriage we really do feel blessed.

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