Speed Limits

22 08 2011

How do you feel about speed limit signs? Most of us roll our eyes, and press the gas pedal. We might look around to see if a police officer is on the job and adjust accordingly. We impatiently move through traffic in a hurry to get to wherever we are going. We want to get there fast.

What is interesting about speed limit signs is that they are put there for our safety. They help us know what speed will both help us get to our destination and arrive there unharmed. Yet, speed limit signs rarely make us feel cared for. We see them as signs that infringe on our freedom and hem us in as we are traveling on our way.

Did you know that the Bible is full of speed limit signs? There are really two different types – there are the signs that begin with the word wait and others that start with the word listen or hear. Both of them encourage us to slow down, stop speeding at our own breakneck pace, and heed the instructions of One who knows what lies down the road.

How we react to those speed limit signs says a great deal about our hearts. We can look at the “Wait on the Lord” signs with impatience and disdain. Too often I want to go, to do something, and to act now. Waiting on the Lord calls me to move at His pace, trust His wisdom, and surrender my desire to speed ahead on my own.

The call to listen acts like a yellow traffic light. It is a time to pay attention, reassess our direction and speed, and perhaps even come to a stop. How many times do I hear the gentle whisper of God and hurry through it, rather than being thankful for the safety, perspective, and guidance it provides?

My Jesus Resolution today is to pay attention to God’s speed limit signs. Speeding, whether on the road or through life, almost always gets me in trouble. I want to learn to wait on God. I long for Him to set my pace, outline my direction, and empower my movement. Listening to God always opens doors and pathways I never would have discovered speeding through on my own. They lead to paths of beauty, moments of discovery, and times of sheer wonder. As I read my Bible, I am going to pay attention to all of the Wait and Listen speed limit signs God posts for me. I don’t want to see them as restrictions on my freedom. I want to see them for what they truly are – signs reminding me to slow down and be loved.



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