Holding Hands

8 08 2011

I caught my son holding hands in church today. I looked across the auditorium and saw him shrug his shoulders and wink at me. He grinned as I smiled. My teenage son was sitting in the pew holding hands with a 100-year-old beauty.

This lovely lady is one of my son’s favorites. She looks like Jesus and inspires everyone around her to do the same. She goes out of her way to encourage, teach, love, and learn. My son watches her, knowing he is witnessing what it means to walk a lifetime with God.

Today I caught a glimpse of what he has learned from her. He was standing with his friends. He saw her sitting alone. For him, there really wasn’t a question. He quietly moved into the pew and picked up her hand. He and another friend sat by her side showing her that they had learned the lessons about family, surrender, and grace that she has taught them through her example.

Holding hands is such a powerful expression of connection. It communicates comfort, compassion, unity, understanding, love, safety, and protection. Where we choose to place our hands says a great deal about where we choose to put our hearts.

“I am the LORD; I have called you in righteousness; I will take you by the hand and keep you;” – Isaiah 42:6a

My Jesus Resolution today is to hold hands. God wants to hold my hand. He longs to hold me close, tuck me in next to His heart, and teach me everything it means to belong completely to Him. Where I choose to put my hands today will say a great deal about my heart. Will I serve, love, lift up, and give or will I grab, take, and hoard? I want to learn the lesson my son has already learned. Holding hands with the right person can help you look a lot like Jesus.



One response

19 08 2011
Bill Gordon


Thanks to your son for showing a respect rarely seen in todays youth. It is good to see him willing to share a little time in his life to a person of age. It is especially gratifing to me since this lady is my Mother.

Thanks to you for giving your son the tools he needs to live a good Christian life. And thanks to you for sharing this experience with us.

Bill Gordon

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