4 07 2011

Today America celebrates its independence. Freedom is a precious blessing. Our freedom allows us to dream, explore, dig deep, and soar to new heights. It encourages us to imagine new possibilities, listen to our hearts, and see the value of each human soul.

Celebrating our national independence should spur us to rejoice in the freedom we have in Christ. In Him, we experience the truest essence of freedom. In Jesus, we are free indeed.

Here are ten freedoms to be thankful for today and every day.

1. We are free from the grip of sin.

2. We are free to live in the immensity of His grace.

3. We are free to love and be loved.

4. We are free to be transformed into His image.

5. We are free to filled with His peace.

6. We are free to see His presence in each day.

7. We are free of guilt, shame, and fear.

8. We are free to experience the richness of His joy.

9. We are free to worship and live lives of praise.

10. We are free to dream about heaven and live in the reality of that hope.

My Jesus Resolution today is to be thankful for my freedom. Jesus promises that “if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.” (John 8:36) I am going to celebrate the freedom that Jesus unleashes in my life. I want to keep my eyes open for all the possibilities that are mine in Him, listen to His encouragement , and step into the dreams He has planned and empowered me to live. Living in the fullness of His freedom means being free to shake off the world’s expectations and dwell in the center of His will. As you gather with friends and family, be thankful for the community of His love. Fill your plate with your favorite foods and be grateful for the feast of His favor and faithfulness. Raise the flag and remember the cross. Watch fireworks light up the night and celebrate the triumph of light over darkness. We are free indeed!



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