Jury Duty

20 06 2011

Tomorrow I have jury duty. Jury duty is one of those things that elicits groans and moans whenever it is mentioned. Advice about how to skip out, postpone, and avoid jury duty pours out as people of all ages and backgrounds talk about dreading the times that they are asked to serve.

Jury duty is one of the basic components of our democracy. It values the fact that ordinary citizens can be called together and trusted to step into each other’s lives and sort out truth and seek justice. While nobody likes to be interrupted, I am grateful to live in a country that puts a priority on safeguarding freedoms, and so I will go and look for the hand of God in the day.

Jury duty draws my eyes to the heart of God. We serve a God of justice. He always does the right thing. He sees the innermost corners of our souls, judging our actions with a unique combination of holiness, righteousness, and mercy. I can watch the judge in a courtroom and catch a glimpse of God. He is the perfect Judge. He sees everything, knows everything, and will handle every tear, wrong, injustice, hurt, and violation within the context of His goodness. I can listen to the oath taken by witnesses and hear Jesus proclaim that He is Truth and His truth will set us free. When I look at the prisoner, I will see myself – weighed down by bad choices, in chains, and very aware of my shame. I can look at the defense attorneys and see my Lord. He stands by my side as my Advocate before the Father. I catch sight of the prison cells, knowing that Jesus has taken my punishment, providing me with a second chance and a new life.

My Jesus Resolution today is celebrate God’s justice. I can depend on His faithfulness, rest in His goodness, and rejoice in His truth. All mof the evil in the world will be swallowed up in His justice. His righteousness will answer all the wrongs, heal all the hurts, and make whole everything that has been broken by sin. Looking like Jesus means embracing opportunities to do what is just. As I walk into jury duty, I am going to carry the words of Micah 6:8 with me – “He has told you, O man, what is good; and what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly before your God?”



One response

22 06 2011
Lawana Perrault

Good thoughts. I too serve Jury Duty without complaint. It is our duty, and with God’s help I can serve with fairness and integrity.

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