Investing in the Future

18 04 2011

They were beaming. That is the only way to describe it. After weeks and weeks of practicing, studying, working, and sweating, they were finally ready. Speeches had been written, puppet scripts polished, Bible readings practiced, and service challenges completed. All that remained was dress rehearsal. It was a big night.

In the blink of an eye, teenagers were transformed. One minute they were in t-shirts and tennis shoes. The next thing we knew ties and dresses filled the rows. But it wasn’t their physical appearance that captured my heart. It was the excitement you could see in their eyes.

They had grown. Probably physically, but definitely spiritually. They are stronger, wiser, more connected, and more confident than they were when they started. They look more like Jesus because someone was willing to walk beside them and help them take a step of faith.

All it requires is a little bit of attention, a willingness to share yourself, and some time. You have something to offer a child. It can be a baby or a high school student, but you have a lesson about Jesus that the next generation needs to hear. Maybe it is a word of encouragement, a testimony of faith, a prayer, a Bible lesson, or a pat on the back. You can write a card, color a picture, change a diaper, or teach someone your special talent or skill. Every time you reach out to a child and show them Jesus, you are investing in the future and helping to spread the kingdom into the next generation.

My Jesus Resolution today is to invest in a kid. I am going to be deliberate about modeling Jesus for someone who is taking their first steps of faith. I can encourage someone to stretch and grow. I can give a hug or write a card. I can share my excitement about the Lord and tell a story about what He has done for me. Thanks to all the teachers, youth leaders, cookie makers, VBSers, and faith challengers who modeled Jesus for me. Now it is my turn to invest in the future.



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