8 04 2011

I saw my first butterflies today – two yellow ones flirting with a field of fresh purple wildflowers. I have been watching for them. Butterflies are a particular favorite of mine. They dance in the wind, play with petals, and drink nectar. There is a grace about butterflies that seems to set them apart from the rest of the world. They challenge my imagination to see differently and to dream of a life defined by beauty.

Butterflies are one of the best pictures of the transformation God wants to work in our lives. Butterflies don’t start out as butterflies. We first see them as caterpillars – fuzzy worms. After crawling on the ground eating their weight in leaves, the caterpillar turns itself upside-down and spins a cocoon. Inside that cocoon something wonderful happens. Metamorphosis transforms everything about the caterpillar into something new.

When the caterpillar emerges from the cocoon, it has a new identity. It is now a butterfly. It moves differently, eats differently, has a different purpose, and draws a new kind of attention. In their fluttering wings and exquisite beauty, we have a picture of our souls.

My Jesus Resolution today is to commit myself to transformation. Just like the caterpillar, I have to put my whole self in the hands of God and let Him change me. I need to trust His design, open my heart to His power, and surrender to His purpose for my life. Just like the butterfly, the results will be something beautiful, amazing, and beyond my imagination.



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