Comfort Zones

11 03 2011

I like my comfort zone. My comfort zone is a well-defined space in which I order my time, my stuff, my relationships, and my purpose. My comfort zone makes me feel in control. When things are humming along within the confines of my comfort zone, I know what to expect and feel like I am on top of things. I like my comfort zone. It defines me, and keeps me from taking too many risks, opening too many doors, or taking too many steps outside of my usual path.

We are creatures of habit. Creating comfort zones allows us to order our worlds and feel like we are in control. The reality is that our comfort zones are illusions. The weather changes, the phone rings, the mail arrives, the doctor comes in, or the pink slip lands on our desks and suddenly our comfort zones are shattered. Our foundations shift and the world doesn’t feel stable or secure any more.

Sometimes God calls us out of our comfort zones. He challenges us to see with different eyes, walk a new path, take a leap of faith, or travel deeper into transformation. We stand at a crossroad with the outstretched hand of God on one side and our comfort zones lying enticingly on the other side.

Walking out of our comfort zones means letting God take the lead and redefine the rhythm of our lives. It means making His heart our stronghold and His grace our sure foundation. It means ordering our world around the cross and resting in the certainty that it will outlast any storm and empower any surrender. God doesn’t want us to create our own comfort zones. He wants to be our comfort zone.

My Jesus Resolution today is to let God have control of my comfort zone. I am going to build my world around His presence. I am going to let His love define the boundaries of my heart. I am going to ask Him to open my eyes to the things I tend to turn to for comfort when I should be turning to Him. When the world shakes me up, I am going to hang on to my Rock. When He calls me to walk in a new direction, I am going to hold His hand, knowing that His presence will provide all the comfort I will need.



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