7 02 2011

Last week there was a forecast for snow in Houston. All it takes is the mere mention of the word to send people on the Gulf Coast into a spin. Kids peer out the window, making grand plans about snowmen, snow angels, and snow ball fights. Parents watch the weather reports. Schools close. Businesses shut down. The grocery stores are overrun with people who buy enough stuff to last through a blizzard.

Snow is rare in Houston. It is one of the few places where people actually go outside when the temperatures drop and snow is on the horizon. Kids can grow up here without ever seeing a good snow. Snowflakes falling are enough to cause joy. A little snow covering the ground is greeted with enthusiasm and play.

Snow carries with it a very special picture. God blankets the earth with snow in order to draw our eyes to Himself. Each snowflake holds His fingerprint. Snow resting on branches paints a picture of stark beauty that is meant to impress His beauty on our hearts. But it is the color of snow that is meant to make us smile and bring us to our knees.

Come now, let us reason together, says the Lord: though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red like crimson, they shall become like wool.” – Isaiah 1:18

God uses snow to give us a picture of the power of His grace. It is transforming. It is all-encompassing. It changes, shapes, moves, and touches every part of who we are. A forecast for snow in Houston changed the way we moved through the day, the plans we made, the things we bought, the words we spoke, the way we looked at the sky, and the priorities of the moment. How much deeper an impact should the reality of God’s grace have on our hearts?

My Jesus Resolution today is to be thankful for snow. Snow points me to the heart of God. It teaches me about the way He works in my soul. It helps me realign my priorities and examine my heart. I want to be as excited about His grace as my children are about snow. Even if we never see a snowflake, I can be sure that His grace will fall gently on my life, blanketing me with His favor and transforming me with its color and beauty.



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7 02 2011
brenda hutchens

Casandra – love the positive “spin” on the unusual weather that kept many off the streets, home from work and school and wondering when it would warm up again. Thank you for this view. Brenda

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