Present and Future Tense

24 01 2011

We live in an interesting tension. We are called to live in two worlds. We live best today when we walk with our eyes on tomorrow. As Christians, we are given a unique perspective. We know the end of the story. We move through today understanding the permanence that lies just over the horizon. The troubles of the moment are set in the light of glory. The struggles of today are viewed with eyes that see the unseen. The joys of this world are tempered by the eternal delights we long to taste.

In Christ, we carry a confidence about the future that dramatically impacts the present. Heaven is a sure hope. The presence of God is our dwelling place. Victory is certain. In faith, we live in the future tense. God has said it, and therefore its truth is unshakeable. Tears will be dried from our eyes, hurts and heartaches will be made whole, and we will fall before the throne when we see the face of Jesus.

That confidence colors today. Because of our future reality, we can live our best in the present tense. Today takes on new joy. Every moment is embedded with His presence. There is richness in the way we hear His voice. Our hearts can surrender today because of the hope we have in tomorrow. Living in abundance today means understanding and living out the full reality of our tomorrow.

My Jesus Resolution today is to fully live in both the present and future tense. I walk with Christ. That is both my goal for today and His promise for the future. I am going to look for the moment when the future invades the present, shaping it for His glory and pulling my eyes to His face. I am going to let the light of tomorrow color the shadows that cross my path today.



One response

27 01 2011

Great words for helping me focus today on surrender, and living out the joy of the life God has given me. My prayer is that I will be the light of Christ today.

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