Walking With God

10 01 2011

It is tucked into just three verses. In the middle of the genealogies, an entire lifetime is summed up in four words. “Enoch walked with God.” – Genesis 5:24. It doesn’t just say it once about this ancient man, these words are repeated twice in three verse. It tells us about his children, the length of his life, but most importantly, the melody of his days. Enoch walked with God.

Those four words fascinate me. What does that kind of life look like? They stir a deep longing in my heart. Can those small words describe the rhythm of my days?

God doesn’t grant us any more than this small glimpse into the life of Enoch, but we can see a great deal about his heart through their lens. He was a man who let God define him. He listened to the voice of God, allowing His words to guide his steps. He set his focus on the face of God. He kept his eyes on the movement of God. He let God’s power be his strength, His love to be his comfort, and His glory ignite his worship.

Every day, Enoch looked at the world and chose to walk with God. He deliberately matched his steps to the footprints of the Lord. This kind of legacy is built in the day-to-day choice of being God’s person with each action, thought, and word.

My Jesus Resolution today is to use Enoch’s legacy to measure my life. What words do I want used to describe me? What am I doing today to ensure that someone can pen those words on the page that will tell my story? Someday my life will be a small note in the pages of history. More than anything, I want four words to sum up my life – She looked like Jesus. Today, I start writing.



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