The Mirror

31 12 2010

Children grow up quickly – at least in the eyes of their parents. The years fly by as they take their first steps, get on the school bus, master multiplication, and learn their first locker combination. Before we know it, graduation announcements are in the mail and college applications are stacked on the dining room table.

In the day to day, it is often hard to see growth. The image in the mirror looks much the same as it did yesterday. The same thing is true in our spiritual walk. We want to look more and more like Jesus, but so often the image in the mirror doesn’t seem to change. But God is working a transformation deep inside our hearts. In the day to day, we may not see much change, but it is there and taking the time to look in the mirror and measure our growth is essential to our spiritual health.

God provides us with growth markers that can help us see how His work is taking shape in our lives. As we head into a new year, take a moment to look in His mirror and see how the likeness of Jesus is taking shape in your life.

  1. Am I more aware of the presence of God in my day than I was a year ago?
  2. Am I more loving, more patient, and more joyful than I used to be?
  3. Am I spending more time with God in prayer and study?
  4. What have I surrendered to His will and movement in the last year?
  5. Can others see Jesus more clearly in me?

My Jesus Resolution today is look in the mirror. I am going to ask God to show me His movement and give me a glimpse of the transformation He is unfolding in me. I am going to be honest about where I need to give myself in deeper surrender. I am going to praise Him for the places where I can see growth. Take a minute to look in the mirror with me. Don’t be surprised when you see Jesus mirrored in your face.



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