Cookies Please

8 12 2010

His dad came to pick him up. We had spent the afternoon playing with our little friend and smiles covered everyone’s faces. Basketballs bounced, footballs were thrown, and spaghetti sauce graced the tablecloth, floor, and a couple of sleeves. Trains made their way across the tracks and the aroma of chocolate chip cookies filled the air.

The cookies were there by special request. A couple of days before, I mentioned that I was headed to the grocery store and my little friend told me that I needed to buy chocolate chips. “We need to make chocolate chip cookies.” Having previously been at my house when I didn’t have all the necessary ingredients, he wanted to make sure I was prepared. Chocolate chips went on the list.

We made the cookies and enjoyed them (after the proper amount of vegetables, of course). We were putting his jacket on and zipping up his backpack when he looked at me and said, “Can I take some cookies home with me? Two? No, I need five.”

Embarrassed, his dad tried to redirect his request. My boys laughed. I headed to the kitchen. Five cookies in a bag for a little boy I love.

I gave him cookies, but he gave me so much more. Another mirror into the heart of God. He wanted something and he asked. No worries, no “how will this look?” no “should I or shouldn’t I?” no “is this too much?” He knows my heart. He trusted. He asked and he received.

God wants me to ask with all the innocence, trust, faith, wisdom, and sincerity of a child asking for cookies. My little friend didn’t worry about asking for too much. He trusted that my answer would be the very best for him. God wants me to stand in his shoes. Trust His heart and ask with boldness.

My Jesus Resolution today is to set my worry down and ask. God delights in me even more than we delight in the children who bless our lives. Joy flows from bringing my requests to God, looking up, and asking Him to move. Courage comes from knowing that He will only give me His very best. Today I am going to be bold. Today I am going to remember that God is prepared to fill me with Himself. All I have to do is ask.



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8 12 2010

This is so precious Casandra! Thank you for inspiring us with your amazing talents. You’ve got quite a fan base here in Connecticut and we love reading your posts! Keep ’em coming!!

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