Pink Clouds

5 11 2010

They were streaked across the sky. Wispy clouds painted across the deep blue of early morning. I was out walking just as the sun came peeking over the horizon. The shimmer of the star-lit sky began to give way to the golden hues of the sunrise. The canopy stretching across the heavens gently framed the new morning, adding sunlight to the symphony of color playing across the sky.

I turned the corner and caught my breath. There, enmeshed in the soft blue sky of the morning, were pink clouds. Stunning colors embedded in the unfolding drama of the dawn. Painted in the clouds was every shade of pink you can imagine. Soft, pale hues were set against dark, dramatic pinks. They lit up the sky, framing a dramatic beauty that would only last for a few moments as the sun strolled over the horizon.

“He did that for me.” That was the thought that captured my imagination. Understand that it was very early. The streets in my neighborhood were still sleepy and quiet. Very few others were out and about. With no one else watching, He painted beauty in the sky so I could catch a glimpse of His glory.

I am so glad that I noticed. I am so thankful to serve a God who will create wonders just to see us smile. He is more than willing to put pink clouds in the sky so that I will have another reason to praise Him and bend my heart before His throne. We don’t serve an it-will-do, let-them-just-get-by God. We are loved by a willing-to-go-over-the-top Father who can’t wait to amaze us with His passion for us.

My Jesus Resolution today is to look for pockets of beauty. They are scattered throughout my day. Little reservoirs of glory meant to draw my eyes to His face. Too many times I walk on past, not paying attention, content to focus on my list, my agenda, my struggles, and my stuff. Today, however, I am going to look up and pay attention to the beauty He is planting in my day. He gave me pink clouds. Imagine what He has in store for you.


3 11 2010

Have you ever looked at the timing of something and just wondered? A word of encouragement is spoken just when you need it. A door opens just when you couldn’t see a way out. A friend calls, a letter arrives, an email pops up and it speaks to the ache in your heart. Touching a place deep inside, it reminds you that you are not alone, to push forward, or to hang on.

God speaks to us all of the time. We expect the Creator of the universe to shout and thunder, but so often His voice is heard in the gentle nudges, quiet whispers, and “coincidences” of our days. He is constantly moving in our lives to pull us closer to His heart. He loves to encourage us, cheer us on, and point us in the direction that looks most like His Son. He plants little reminders of Himself for us to find along the way, hoping to make our hearts see and grow a little more like Jesus.

Too often, I miss it. I see coincidence when I should see the hand of God. I consider myself “lucky” when I should notice how blessed I am. So many times, I don’t connect the dots between the fingerprints of God and the good things in my day.

What a wonder it is when I do pay attention! All of the sudden my days take on a different dimension. I look at the mundane things in my life with new eyes. Emails are sometimes the answers to time spent on my knees. Hugs can be reassurances from the heart of my Father. A phone call opens up the possibility of hearing God’s voice.

My Jesus Resolution today is to look with different eyes. Before I jump to the coincidence conclusion, I am going to look for the hand of God. I am going to believe what it says in James 1:17 – “Every good and perfect gift is from above” – and open my eyes to the truth that the Lord is touching my day. Every moment holds the possibility of tracing the fingerprints of God. The more I see Him, the more I will look like Jesus.


1 11 2010

I am still learning lessons from Shelby. Our little sheltie passed away about three months ago, but God is still using her to impress lessons on my heart.

Shelby and I were walking buddies. Every morning we headed out, enjoying the cool morning air and the time with God and each other. What I didn’t realize was that others were watching. I can’t tell you how many times over the past three months someone in the neighborhood has stopped me to ask about Shelby.

One neighbor stopped me this week to ask where our little dog was. I told him our sad news and he spent several minutes telling me how much he and his wife enjoyed watching me and Shelby. “It was obvious you loved her.” he said.

God used the moment to teach me about the power of consistency. Every day Shelby and I walked. Every day somebody was watching us. I didn’t notice. I wasn’t paying attention. But someone was, and our walks together made an impression I didn’t even understand.

The same is true in our walk with Jesus. People are watching. They are observing the way you move through your day. They can see how you walk with God. They begin to count on the fact that you consistently, regularly move in His steps. They notice, and in the noticing, we have an opportunity to point them to Jesus.

My Jesus Resolution is to be aware of the power of consistency. Someone is watching today. Someone is looking at me to see if I am still walking with God. Will I stick with Him no matter the weather, the circumstances, or the struggles? Is it obvious that I love Him? Can they see Jesus walking in my life? All the little things I do, all the small moments of surrender count. The daily in and outs of walking with God add up to a consistent testimony about His place in my life. Today I am going to be deliberate about being consistent. You never know who might be watching, and when they see me, I want them to see Jesus.