Pink Clouds

5 11 2010

They were streaked across the sky. Wispy clouds painted across the deep blue of early morning. I was out walking just as the sun came peeking over the horizon. The shimmer of the star-lit sky began to give way to the golden hues of the sunrise. The canopy stretching across the heavens gently framed the new morning, adding sunlight to the symphony of color playing across the sky.

I turned the corner and caught my breath. There, enmeshed in the soft blue sky of the morning, were pink clouds. Stunning colors embedded in the unfolding drama of the dawn. Painted in the clouds was every shade of pink you can imagine. Soft, pale hues were set against dark, dramatic pinks. They lit up the sky, framing a dramatic beauty that would only last for a few moments as the sun strolled over the horizon.

“He did that for me.” That was the thought that captured my imagination. Understand that it was very early. The streets in my neighborhood were still sleepy and quiet. Very few others were out and about. With no one else watching, He painted beauty in the sky so I could catch a glimpse of His glory.

I am so glad that I noticed. I am so thankful to serve a God who will create wonders just to see us smile. He is more than willing to put pink clouds in the sky so that I will have another reason to praise Him and bend my heart before His throne. We don’t serve an it-will-do, let-them-just-get-by God. We are loved by a willing-to-go-over-the-top Father who can’t wait to amaze us with His passion for us.

My Jesus Resolution today is to look for pockets of beauty. They are scattered throughout my day. Little reservoirs of glory meant to draw my eyes to His face. Too many times I walk on past, not paying attention, content to focus on my list, my agenda, my struggles, and my stuff. Today, however, I am going to look up and pay attention to the beauty He is planting in my day. He gave me pink clouds. Imagine what He has in store for you.



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