29 11 2010

There are not many things you can count on in this world. As a society, we expect, even demand, change. Constants are rare in our culture. Increasingly, we are a people who spin from the temporary to the momentary to the fleeting and then wonder why it is so hard to find our footing in a slippery world.

The good news we serve an always God. God is unchanging. His nature and His character remain constant even in the midst of our transitory world. Here are ten “always” about God’s heart that you can count on today.

1. God is always faithful.

2. God is always good.

3. God is always on time.

4. God is always pursuing you.

5. God is always merciful.

6. God is always holy.

7. God is always present.

8. God is always loving you.

9. God is always just.

10. God is…always.

My Jesus Resolution today is to plant myself in God’s always. I am going to send down deep roots into His unchanging ways, His eternal will, and His constant love. No more investing my heart in the shifting sands of this temporary world. The wind may howl, the rains may fall, but I will be able to stand through it all because my God is an always God.



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