Different Kinds of Beauty

22 11 2010

Do you like people watching? I love to go to someplace with a crowd, find a spot, and observe the people that pass by. There are people who bring smiles to your face. Some because they are so goofy, you can’t help but suppress a giggle. Others because of a sweetness in their faces and interactions with others. Some people cause you to raise your eyebrows and count your blessings. Some touch your heart or bring tears to your eyes.

One of the most fascinating things is the variety of beauty that plays across the faces you see. Everybody is different. People come in such a variety of colors and sizes. No two people are alike. Each carries with them their own uniqueness. It is humbling to think about how God fashioned each one with a specific eye to creating a personal exquisiteness in each one.

Why would He do that? Why make all of us different? It would be easier to mass produce humanity rather than individually shape us. Why would He go to so much trouble?

Billions of people, each individually unique, speaks to the infinite beauty of the heart of God. Each one of us has an exquisiteness that proclaims His glory and reveals His love. The color of your skin, the hue of your eyes, your height, and the shape of your ears all point to a God who invests Himself in the individual. He is a personal God who cares about the details of you. He made you this way for His pleasure and His glory. He longs for you to see His hand on your hair and His light in your eyes. He wants us to look at each other and understand the investment of love He has made in each soul.

My Jesus Resolution today is to catch my breath at the beauty I see in the faces around me. I am going to take time to really look at smiles, noses, eyes, and chins, sitting in wonder at the fingerprints of God I can trace in the people around me. I am going to look in the mirror and not complain about what I see. I am going to delight in the beauty He has planted in me and in you.



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