Thankfulness in the Morning

17 11 2010

Gratitude is an attitude. It is a mindset that is on the lookout for the myriad of ways God is constantly moving in our lives. When our eyes are open, our hearts are more sensitive to the presence of Christ.

I decided to challenge myself to find ten reasons to be thankful in the first ten minutes I was awake this morning. It was a decision to set my heart on God as I start my day. I am praying that opening my eyes to His presence first thing in the morning will cascade into an ever-increasing awareness of Him throughout my day. Here is what I am thankful for so far –

            1. Quilts

            2. Toothpaste

            3. Warm sweatshirts

            4. Good morning hugs

            5. The sunrise

            6. Work I love

            7. A day filled with possibilities

            8. Cold water

            9. Apples

            10. My Bible

It didn’t take long. As soon as I opened my eyes, I was overwhelmed by the blessings that fill my life. They say that how you spend the first ten minutes of your morning sets the tone for the entire day. Looking for God in these first few minutes has the power to open my eyes to His presence as I walk through each hour of my day.

My Jesus Resolution today is to be overwhelmed by gratitude. He is here. He is moving in my day. He has filled my life with more blessings that I can count. Each one is a reminder to look for His hand, trust His heart, and follow His lead. If this is what I find in the first ten minutes, imagine how amazed I am going to be as I move through the next 1,430 minutes of the day.



One response

17 11 2010
Denell Dennis

WOW! How I needed to hear these words this morning. I am thankful for YOU today!

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